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Aquaculture Frontiers, part 4: Tilapia and Catfish

Aquaculture Frontiers, part 4: Tilapia and Catfish

Aquaculture Frontiers, part 4: Tilapia and Catfish


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Aquaculture Frontiers, part 4: Tilapia and Catfish

Matt Craze, producer of the Aquaculture Frontiers series, talks to Undercurrent News about global shifts in aquaculture. Also find out what it takes to produce an Aquaculture Frontiers report.

Aquaculture Frontiers, part 4: Tilapia and Catfish 

This report is a deep dive into aquaculture of the freshwater species.

Freshwater aquaculture is being rapidly disrupted by changes in technology, finance, regulation, as well as feed and biotech innovation. Despite it, there is less publicly available information on freshwater species aquaculture than there is on more commercially valuable ones, such as salmon and shrimp.

This report presents a holistic overview of the global opportunities in freshwater aquaculture. It is unique in that it is put together from dozens of conversations with industry protagonists in tilapia, pangasius and other freshwater fish species.

The report is produced by a team of writers, pulling in effort from Chile, Bangladesh, Ghana, the US and Venezuela. Within that process we interviewed farmers in Africa, Latin America, and South-East Asia. 

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