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Aquaculture Frontiers, part 5: Financing aquaculture's potential

Aquaculture Frontiers, part 5: Financing aquaculture's potential

Aquaculture Frontiers, part 5: Financing aquaculture's potential


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Aquaculture Frontiers, part 5: Financing aquaculture's potential

Matt Craze, producer of the Aquaculture Frontiers series, talks to Undercurrent News about this unique report on aquaculture finance.


The report provides a first-time look at the current state of lending to the salmon industry and other species. 

We frame aquaculture lending within the context of the broader agtech movement, where billions of dollars are being invested in modernizing food supply systems. We identify who have been the biggest aquaculture lenders to date, starting with the Big 3 of Norway’s DNB, Nordea and Rabobank, down to national lenders in key aquaculture hubs. We ask if private equity can take a bigger role in industry deals and identify new actors in this space. 

We assess how aquaculture can provide the transparency required by lenders through statistics and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. We analyze which segments of aquaculture have provided investors with the best returns to date, and look at bond deals, IPOs and M&A transactions. There is a section on the roles of government and NGOs in aquaculture finance, a look at start-up lending and chapters on aquaculture insurance and derivatives and future trading.  

This report summarizes dozens of interviews that we completed with industry protagonists throughout the past year at industry events and otherwise. The report features includes exclusive Q&A style interviews with DNB, Rabobank, the World Bank, AXA, IBM, The Nature Conservancy and Encourage Capital, Lighthouse Finance, RAS expert Ben Willauer and the London Fish Exchange (LFEX).


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