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Chile's Salmon 2.0

Chile's Salmon 2.0

Chile's Salmon 2.0


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Chile's Salmon 2.0

An in-depth look at how new legislation in Chile has altered company valuations

Chile's salmon industry is going through a major shake-up. Empresas AquaChile and Agrosuper's Los Fiordos announced almost half a billion dollars of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals in June. According to industry executives, these deals could be the first in a new wave of industry consolidation.    The deals were spurred by a major change in Chile's industry regulations, which limit how much companies can harvest. This ultimately ended the boom-and-bust nature of the Chilean salmon industry, boosting valuations and turning better-financed companies into predators for weaker rivals.  We've called it Chile's Salmon 2.0.

In this report, you can find: 

  • How companies might get fairer valuations by listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange
  • How complex new rules have altered the landscape for Chile's salmon farmers 
  • Why new rules will act as a catalyst for M&A deals in the Chilean salmon farming industry
  • The new rules explained in Q&A interviews with Marine Harvest CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog, Blumar CEO Gerardo Balbontin, Salmones Aysen CEO Pablo Cajtak and Eugenio Zamorano, the head of aquaculture for Chile's fisheries secretariat
  • We also interviewed dozens of executives to give a contemporary snapshot of the Chilean salmon industry in this 34-page report 

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