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The Land-based Salmon Handbook

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The Land-based Salmon Handbook


Aug. 27, 2020

The salmon industry is on the course to spend more than $2 billion on land-based salmon technology by 2023, according to The Land-based Salmon Handbook. Investors could also spend an additional several billion on grow-out projects, shaking up the conventional salmon industry as it currently stands.

This handbook, published by Spheric Research in conjunction with Undercurrent News, is the first to provide a comprehensive database of initiatives to harvest weight salmon on land, as well as modern smolt farms using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

We have included in our database 235 projects to grow salmon smolt and harvest weight salmon.

The database includes 91 projects to grow salmon to harvest weight on land, including 30 plants that are currently in operation and 61 future projects.

On the smolt side, we have listed on our database 98 ongoing projects and 46 new initiatives.

We provide insights into the data that we have gathered for over a year and the contact details of key executives involved in each project or operating facility where possible. We also provide detailed descriptions for each project. 

This publication totals 238 pages, combining the market intelligence of Spheric Research and Undercurrent News, and comes with a spreadsheet, so that you can sort through the data easily.

The handbook includes:

  • Exclusive land-based strategies of the world's 25 leading salmon companies
  • Analysis from key executives and investors behind each project
  • Detailed database of 144 smolt farms around the world
  • 91 ongoing and new projects to harvest weight on land
  • Profiles of engineering firms that have designed RAS systems
  • RAS systems cross-referenced with key projects
  • Contact details of key executives
  • Exportable data in Excel format

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