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Russian Pollock Sector Guide 2021

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Russian Pollock Sector Guide 2021




Apr. 29, 2021


Russian Pollock Sector Guide 2021

  Take a deep look at what's happening in Russia's pollock sector this year. This new data-packed report produced by our partners at offers a comprehensive view of the pollock fishery in Russia.

The report contains:

  • Current situation and outlook for Russia’s pollock sector
  • APO quota holders 2021             
  • Russian companies, boats and establishments approved for production, processing, storage of Alaska pollock products for further export to other countries           
  • Russian exporters of frozen APO fillets in 2020 (here and below arranged by volume)
  • Russian exporters of frozen APO fillets in 2020   
  • Russian exporters of frozen headed APO in 2020              
  • Russian exporters of frozen w/r APO in 2020      
  • Russian exporters of frozen APO roe in 2020       
  • Russian exporters of APO products in 2020 (fillets, headed, w/r, H&G, head-on gutted, roe, milt, heads, liver, mince)
  • Russian exporters of Alaska pollock and their buyers in 2020       
  • Contacts of major exporters of Alaska pollock products in 2020.

The report comes in an excel file. If you are in the pollock sector, look no further. *** Now updated with companies "approved for export" to Brazil and the US.

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