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Land-based Aquaculture Report 2021

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Land-based Aquaculture Report 2021


Nov. 24, 2021

Land-based aquaculture technology is taking off, especially in popular species such as salmon and shrimp. Companies plan to spent billions of dollars on new farms, and at least a dozen major salmon farms are under construction employing recirculating technology.

There are close to 200 projects around the world between operating facilities and advanced projects. This report, created by Spheric Research and distributed by Undercurrent News, is the first to provide a comprehensive database of projects across all species, in all parts of the world.

There are 193 projects in the world, and there are now 102 salmon projects, with 20 new names added to our proprietary database since we published the Land-based Salmon Handbook in August 2020. There were 19 projects entering the construction phase in the last year, meaning that the industry is about to experience a generation of new farms coming online, trying to perfect their operating model to compete with conventional salmon supply.

In addition, we found 32 projects to grow shrimp on land using modern technology, and about 60 projects in the other species category.

In our full report, you can find numerous insights into trends that are gleaned from the painstaking exercise of collecting data over several years. We have gathered market intelligence on individual projects, and we provide the contact details of key executives involved in each project or operating facility wherever possible.

This publication totals 160 pages and is packed with data, insights and market intelligence. The report comes with a spreadsheet, so that you can sort through the data easily.

The report includes:

  • Dedicated analysis of project development in the salmon and shrimp industries, plus some detailed analysis of other key species grown in RAS systems such as sturgeon and catfish

  • Analysis from key executives and investors behind each project

  • Detailed database of 193 land-based projects, besides a database showing more than 100 post smolt facilities built by salmon companies

  • A detailed analysis on the activities of the engineering companies to serve the space

  • Contact details of key executives

  • Exportable data in Excel format

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