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Russian trout imports Jan - Oct 2014: Volumes down 47% year-on-year

Russian trout imports Jan - Oct 2014: Volumes down 47% year-on-year

Russian trout imports Jan - Oct 2014: Volumes down 47% year-on-year


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Russian trout imports Jan - Oct 2014: Volumes down 47% year-on-year

Analyze all the latest figures of Russian imports of trout from around the globe, for Jan - Oct 2014

What happened after the Aug. 7 ban? Find out all the key data on trout volumes, importers and exporters into Russia for January through October 2014, with a comparison with data for Jan - Oct 2013, with this report. Compiled by Customs Inform, Atlantic trout to Russia Jan – Oct 2014 provides a ranking of Russia's top 60 trout importers, and of the top exporters, for the period. Coming amid Russia's Aug. 7 ban on western food imports, the data reveals Russia’s trout imports were already on a steep downward slope since the start of the year. However, the sanctions exacerbated the trend and volumes in August halved as the country lost its key supplier Norway. By the end of October, imports were down by nearly half (47%) in volumes compared to last year. The only factors offsetting the ban have been an increase in volumes from Chile and Turkey, which have been the only two significant exporters to Russia since the ban. Sales from Chile were up year-on-year in September and October, although for the year to date, they are significantly down compared to last year (less than half), reflecting Chilean farmers' decision to roll back on trout production. Meanwhile Turkey has significantly increased its volumes as a result of the ban, recording a more than three-fold increase year-on-year in September, followed by a two-thirds increase in October. This has seen it overtake Denmark to become the third biggest supplier to Russia so far this year. However, the volumes remain small. Find out this and more in this report. Note: An EXCEL version with access to the raw data including full data on all transactions is also available on demand at no extra cost, just email us at after purchasing the report.

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Trout Imports to Russia Jan – Oct 2014 offers a clear and insightful view on Russian imports of trout, giving you the names of all importing as well as exporting companies, ranked by quantity in tons and value in USD. A month-by-month table shows imports from the key supplying countries, comparing 2013 with 2014 figures. In the excel version, you will also find all import/export dates, quantities, prices, delivery points and detailed description of goods. The report is the best source of information on Russian trout imports, and is part of a periodical series released by Customs Inform on the seafood industry.

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