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The Russian Fishmeal Market 2015: An in-depth overview

The Russian Fishmeal Market 2015: An in-depth overview

The Russian Fishmeal Market 2015: An in-depth overview


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The Russian Fishmeal Market 2015: An in-depth overview

Russia is a large producer and buyer of fishmeal on the global market, but the country has been facing a shortage of fishmeal supply in recent years. Despite this,the country's fishmeal demand is estimated to double over the next three to five years. In this report, the Russian Fisheries Research Group provides an unparalleled and detailed insight into the Russian fishmeal market, with a detailed overview of producers, exporters, importers, recent trends and domestic consumption estimates, and an analysis of the current market situation. The 70 page-long report includes 51 charts and 28 tables. All data is updated up to and including 2015.

Key findings include (detailed figures on each point are included in the report):

  • Russian Fishmeal Market 2015 report coverDomestic production increased by 16.7% in 2015, to reach a 10-year record level
  • In contrast imports have fallen, in both volume and value, in part due to the lower purchasing power caused by the falling ruble
  • For similar reasons, domestic consumption dropped in 2015, as a result of higher prices -- prices were up by 195% in 2015, compared to the average level of 2012-2014
  • Russia's Ministry of Agriculture estimates demand will more than double over the next three to five years
  • Production is highly concentrated, both regionally and in terms of companies, and consolidation in the sector is increasing
  • A lack of production capacity is a limiting factor for further growth, but steps towards new fleet construction and in-shore processing is expected to help offset this
  • China and South Korea are the two single biggest markets for Russian fishmeal
  • Morocco, Latvia and Mauritania have traditionally been the biggest suppliers to the Russian market
  • Exports have been growing faster than production, in part driven by the drop in the ruble value
  • Exporters are increasingly expanding downstream to control their distribution chain, cutting off third party traders
  • Complex accreditation procedures continue to pose hurdles for Russian exporters

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The report includes:

    • Breakdown of domestic production for the period of 2010-2015
    • Details key geographic areas of fishmeal production, and dynamics of output on a monthly and annual basis
    • Detailed information on all key producers for 2013-2015
    • Analysis of Russian fishmeal export supply during 2011-2015, in value and volume
    • Overview of key markets and buyers of Russian fishmeal export in 2012-2015, with details on all main exporters for the period, in terms of volume, cost, and average price
    • Breakdown of e import supply of fishmeal to the Russian market in 2012-2015
    • Analysis of recent import trends, with data on key supplying countries and producers to the Russian market
    • Detailed information on all main buyers, showing from which suppliers and in what volumes Russian companies purchased fishmeal in 2013-2015.
    • Market supply balance calculation, outlining current and potential demand for fishmeal in Russia


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The Russian Fisheries Research Group has accumulated vast experience in Russian fisheries and seafood market research and analytics, and now is ready to share its expertise with potential customers. For multi-user licenses, please contact us.