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World's 100 Largest Seafood Companies 2020

World's 100 Largest Seafood Companies 2020

World's 100 Largest Seafood Companies 2020


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World's 100 Largest Seafood Companies 2020

Slow shifts, sharp shocks: 2020 report shows performance, future for seafood’s biggest players

Find out who the leading players are in the seafood industry with this unique report listing the sector's largest firms.

This year’s 346-page edition of Undercurrent News' annual ranking gives an overview of the largest companies in the seafood industry, ranked by the size of their 2019 or latest available revenue figure, in US dollar equivalent.

With foodservice demand in disarray, fish processing operations upended by COVID-19 and the world economic outlook calling for muted growth at best, you’d think “panic” would be the word that best describes the state of the global seafood industry in 2020.  But as Undercurrent’s “World’s 100 Largest Seafood Companies 2020” report shows, perhaps the better word to describe the sector at present is “pivot”. 

The pandemic has chilled some investments and dealmaking. It’s prompted several big players to lay off workers or to fight their export-focused impulses and hone in on domestic markets. Many are scrambling to find their footing in an already crowded retail space and see what’s next for restaurants while others have the resources to plow ahead with developments in land-based and offshore aquaculture, endure the low prices and patiently wait for a better tomorrow. 

The industry’s diversity — with companies operating across geographies, species and levels of the supply chain — can make it hard to generalize but the firms that made this year’s top 100 ranking, which relies on 2019 revenues, are all embracing the new realities in their own way. And the pandemic is hardly the only issue facing the seafood sector. But whether it’s expansions, layoffs, M&A, climate change, strategy shifts and anything else seafood executives worry about, use our 2020 report to stay ahead of the changes.

The report offers:

  • An exclusive ranking of the sector’s biggest players by their 2019 sales, which are either published or estimated by Undercurrent using our deep network of sources and industry knowledge
  • Competitive intelligence about who’s up, who’s down, who’s up and coming and who didn’t make the list at all
  • Over 300 pages of profiles concisely summarizing years of Undercurrent journalism on the sector, with a particular focus on developments in the past 18 months’
  • Insights into companies or corners of the sector you may not have heard of. This year’s list features 12 newcomers: three from Russia, three from the US, and others from Chile, Ecuador, Germany, China, Norway and Spain
  • Our reporters describe the headwinds and opportunities in the short- and long-term for the companies listed

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